Walter Hailes

walt snow

Walt dove into the world of exercise physiology as a result of his passion for mountain and rock climbing, and his primary emphasis in exercise physiology research is high altitude performance. Climbing, in all it forms, has influenced nearly every decision he has made since he was 19 years old, and he currently owns an indoor climbing gym and works as a professional mountain guide all around the world. Walt brings an astute business sense to PhysioZing, and works hard to ensure timely, smooth, and effective communication with clients so they receive what they need out of a project.





John Cuddy


John became an exercise physiologist with an emphasis is environmental physiology due to his combined passions of studying the human body and participating in outdoor recreation. He enjoys the “surprise” research findings and innovative ideas that come out of every project. In his spare time he enjoys upland bird hunting with his 2 German Shorthairs, hiking, running, and yard work. John leads the way during data collection because he enjoys meeting research participants, talking to them, and attending to details so clients receive high quality, clean data.





Brent Ruby


Brent has a Ph.D. in exercise physiology and considers himself a “recovering IronMan.” Brent has accumulated 25 years of research experiences in applied human physiology. However, his mind is multi-dimensional and requires a hearty dose of physical activity and creative ingenuity to fuel his passions.  He brings these experiences and capabilities to PhysioZing to make products excel, and contributes a plethora of outside-the-box thinking to move development forward.