AFM Heat Sheets

We were approached by AFM Heatsheets to evaluate their product in the lab.  The AFM Heatsheet was developed for use after marathons to maintain racer comfort and better regulate body temperature.  Heatsheets  have become the premier finish line blanket of choice that combines radiant, reflective heating and certified SPACE technologies.  The Heatsheets were evaluated in the chamber after project participants ran on a motorized treadmill to elevate core temperature.  Core and skin temperature were closely monitored while participants recovered in the cold with two different finish line blankets.  We worked closely with Heatsheets personnel to modify the finish line blanket design to optimize the construction, arm hole and velcro closure placements.  The main findings demonstrated the versatility of the Heatsheet product as a space saving product that can be rapidly deployed without requiring excessive storage space around the finish line areas.